Saturday, 9 April 2011


If you know me you have heard me rant about my dislike of Rihanna. I will say now that I do like her songs, and I find myself dancing and singling to it often. What I don't like about her is how much she has changed over the years. I know everyone changes and grows up as time goes on and they experience knew things, but I think everyone can agree with me when I say that Rihanna has morphed herself into this person for her own financial gain.

I remember hearing her for the first time with "pon da replay" or whatever it's called and I liked it a lot. Her songs after that were similar; very fun and uplifting. But after the incident with Chris Brown everyone felt sorry for her and hated him. She went under the radar for a while to recover then came back a totally different person and used all of the public sympathy to get right back in the race. I am well aware that having something like that happen to you will change who you are but I never would of thought that someone would use that incident to make money.

Maybe people haven't noticed, but all of a sudden Rihanna is claiming that she "loves the way you lie" "loves the way it hurts" she's into S&M and when she sings she tries to act all angry (grits her teeth, curling her lips and closing her eyes while making fists). She chopped her hair off and acts like she is one bad ass mother f*cker. I am sorry but in all honesty I DO NOT believe that while Chris Brown was beating her on the side of the road one evening that she was smiling, laughing, getting horny, and asking him to do it more.

Of course money is money and you do what you gotta do to be successful, but what about all the women out there who had it worse than Rihanna? what about the people who have actually been locked in their houses while it burned down (as this has really happened..look it up)? I think that it is awful that she has become more successful and made more money after exploiting what was probably a horrible experience for her and thousands of other women in the word who have suffered from domestic abuse.

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