Wednesday, 6 April 2011

First Blog Ever: "Would you Rather be smart or beautiful?"

So the other day I was watching MTV's 1 Girl 5 Gays and one of the questions was "Would you rather be smart or beautiful?" I knew my answer right away; but before I discuss that lets talk about the answers of the cast members. It was quite cliche how obvious it was going to be in the sense of who answered what. First you have the young obnoxious members of the cast who practically yelled out "beautiful" without even a thought, and then there were the older mature cast members who took a moment to think and explain why their answer would be "smart". After the answers were given there was an argument between the two sides. The beautiful peoples argument was - and I kid you not - "everything comes easier when your good looking, and you can fake being smart". Let me just tell you how angry this made me, I have met people in my life who have no understanding of the world. I have met people who had no clue that the dollar wasn't the only type of currency in the world, and you know what? I wanted to smack them all. If a person has everything handed to them simply because of their looks they are going become a very close minded, very arrogant idiot. As you can probably tell by now I am not necessarily talking book smarts but more or less common sense. I was very pleased when I heard the argument of the smart people on the program because their argument was "I would rather be intellectually confident, I would rather feel in-tuned with the world with a broad mind and a sense of respect. AMEN TO THAT

I would like to take this moment to reflect on the morals of North America... People truly believe that you can get farther in life if you are beautiful and in all honesty this can be very true (take a look at Heidi Montag and Megan Fox). But, what happens when your old and looks do not matter? What happens when all of Heidi and Megan's real parts start to age but the rest of them don't, inevitably making them look awful?

Of course there are some beautiful and smart people in the world so do not get me wrong I am not being prejudice against the pretty faces in the world! I am just angered by the fact that being intellectual is so frowned upon in todays society. I suppose it is a personal preference which I do understand (despite my annoyance in the matter). I suppose some people enjoy the simple gift of knowledge while others would just like the answer handed to them so they can reap the reward. It is sad the the priorities in our world today have shifted to the point where people just don't care about anything but the fads of the year.

The other day I was sitting in class with my fellows class mates and we were looking at a world map, this world map had animals on it so we discussed the animals and the different regions of the world. There was one girl in the group who did not know there were forests in Asia, another who couldn't find Europe and another who thought Russia was Asia. I don't care if I sound rude here but I don't understand how people can make it 20 years or more in this world without knowing about this stuff!?

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