Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Learn to walk!

Okay so one of my many pet peeves is the process of walking down a hall way or side walk. When I start to walk I pick up a nice pace and I intend to keep up said pace until I get to my destination. This never works however because there is always some idiot who either just learned how to walk or has absolutely no regard for anyone else in the world who might be trying to get somewhere. I am going to list my top three most annoying things people can do while walking.

3 - So you're  heading somewhere, your walking at your normal pace or maybe even picking up speed. Maybe your just walking for recreation but most likely you are walking to get somewhere for a certain time. If you are anything like me you will be weaving in and out of people in the area to pass them because you don't like walking slow. Then out of nowhere and to your complete surprise a person in front of you just stops... just stops. Stops to light a cigarette, or to answer the phone, or for god know what and who the hell cares! Now you have almost run right into them, have to veer off course and mutter an apology for almost knocking them to the ground. If I have enough time in this situation I will say something along the lines of "excuse you" or "what a nice place to stop". If you are reading this and you have done this.. you better not from now on. if you know you are going to stop just think of the side walks or hallways as a free way, pull the fuck over and park yourself to the side so people can keep moving!

2- I only just experienced this the other day but it immediately earned its spot at number two. Once again trying to get somewhere clearly, doing the good old weaving in and out of the pods of people in your way and  then you come to this idiot. This idiot who is not just walking in the middle of the hallway, but is also zig-zagging from side to side. So now your walking (slower than you'd like) and you find yourself zig-zagging yourself trying to figure out how to pass this person. If you haven't just pushed by them by now you may find your self getting furious and may have to result in taking an alternate route.

1- Finally, my number one walking pet peeve. I have had to deal with this one since high school and I get more relentless every time I experience it. I know that you all have been there and if you haven't noticed it you will now. As with my other scenarios you are walking down a hallway and you come across a road black, a complete impenetrable road block. What is this road block? a line of people from wall to wall (sometimes with arms linked). These people are chit chatting away and walking extremely slow while doing it. You literally cant pass them all! If you have a bad temper as I sometimes do this is the worst situation to get into. WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO?????? I know in the past I was walked under their stupidly linked arms, so have made a comment like " Way to take up the whole hallway guys". Sometimes though, it is easy to say a simple "excuse me".

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