Saturday, 9 April 2011

In all Honesty..: Rihanna

In all Honesty..: Rihanna: "If you know me you have heard me rant about my dislike of Rihanna. I will say now that I do like her songs, and I find myself dancing and si..."


If you know me you have heard me rant about my dislike of Rihanna. I will say now that I do like her songs, and I find myself dancing and singling to it often. What I don't like about her is how much she has changed over the years. I know everyone changes and grows up as time goes on and they experience knew things, but I think everyone can agree with me when I say that Rihanna has morphed herself into this person for her own financial gain.

I remember hearing her for the first time with "pon da replay" or whatever it's called and I liked it a lot. Her songs after that were similar; very fun and uplifting. But after the incident with Chris Brown everyone felt sorry for her and hated him. She went under the radar for a while to recover then came back a totally different person and used all of the public sympathy to get right back in the race. I am well aware that having something like that happen to you will change who you are but I never would of thought that someone would use that incident to make money.

Maybe people haven't noticed, but all of a sudden Rihanna is claiming that she "loves the way you lie" "loves the way it hurts" she's into S&M and when she sings she tries to act all angry (grits her teeth, curling her lips and closing her eyes while making fists). She chopped her hair off and acts like she is one bad ass mother f*cker. I am sorry but in all honesty I DO NOT believe that while Chris Brown was beating her on the side of the road one evening that she was smiling, laughing, getting horny, and asking him to do it more.

Of course money is money and you do what you gotta do to be successful, but what about all the women out there who had it worse than Rihanna? what about the people who have actually been locked in their houses while it burned down (as this has really happened..look it up)? I think that it is awful that she has become more successful and made more money after exploiting what was probably a horrible experience for her and thousands of other women in the word who have suffered from domestic abuse.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Learn to walk!

Okay so one of my many pet peeves is the process of walking down a hall way or side walk. When I start to walk I pick up a nice pace and I intend to keep up said pace until I get to my destination. This never works however because there is always some idiot who either just learned how to walk or has absolutely no regard for anyone else in the world who might be trying to get somewhere. I am going to list my top three most annoying things people can do while walking.

3 - So you're  heading somewhere, your walking at your normal pace or maybe even picking up speed. Maybe your just walking for recreation but most likely you are walking to get somewhere for a certain time. If you are anything like me you will be weaving in and out of people in the area to pass them because you don't like walking slow. Then out of nowhere and to your complete surprise a person in front of you just stops... just stops. Stops to light a cigarette, or to answer the phone, or for god know what and who the hell cares! Now you have almost run right into them, have to veer off course and mutter an apology for almost knocking them to the ground. If I have enough time in this situation I will say something along the lines of "excuse you" or "what a nice place to stop". If you are reading this and you have done this.. you better not from now on. if you know you are going to stop just think of the side walks or hallways as a free way, pull the fuck over and park yourself to the side so people can keep moving!

2- I only just experienced this the other day but it immediately earned its spot at number two. Once again trying to get somewhere clearly, doing the good old weaving in and out of the pods of people in your way and  then you come to this idiot. This idiot who is not just walking in the middle of the hallway, but is also zig-zagging from side to side. So now your walking (slower than you'd like) and you find yourself zig-zagging yourself trying to figure out how to pass this person. If you haven't just pushed by them by now you may find your self getting furious and may have to result in taking an alternate route.

1- Finally, my number one walking pet peeve. I have had to deal with this one since high school and I get more relentless every time I experience it. I know that you all have been there and if you haven't noticed it you will now. As with my other scenarios you are walking down a hallway and you come across a road black, a complete impenetrable road block. What is this road block? a line of people from wall to wall (sometimes with arms linked). These people are chit chatting away and walking extremely slow while doing it. You literally cant pass them all! If you have a bad temper as I sometimes do this is the worst situation to get into. WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO?????? I know in the past I was walked under their stupidly linked arms, so have made a comment like " Way to take up the whole hallway guys". Sometimes though, it is easy to say a simple "excuse me".

First Blog Ever: "Would you Rather be smart or beautiful?"

So the other day I was watching MTV's 1 Girl 5 Gays and one of the questions was "Would you rather be smart or beautiful?" I knew my answer right away; but before I discuss that lets talk about the answers of the cast members. It was quite cliche how obvious it was going to be in the sense of who answered what. First you have the young obnoxious members of the cast who practically yelled out "beautiful" without even a thought, and then there were the older mature cast members who took a moment to think and explain why their answer would be "smart". After the answers were given there was an argument between the two sides. The beautiful peoples argument was - and I kid you not - "everything comes easier when your good looking, and you can fake being smart". Let me just tell you how angry this made me, I have met people in my life who have no understanding of the world. I have met people who had no clue that the dollar wasn't the only type of currency in the world, and you know what? I wanted to smack them all. If a person has everything handed to them simply because of their looks they are going become a very close minded, very arrogant idiot. As you can probably tell by now I am not necessarily talking book smarts but more or less common sense. I was very pleased when I heard the argument of the smart people on the program because their argument was "I would rather be intellectually confident, I would rather feel in-tuned with the world with a broad mind and a sense of respect. AMEN TO THAT

I would like to take this moment to reflect on the morals of North America... People truly believe that you can get farther in life if you are beautiful and in all honesty this can be very true (take a look at Heidi Montag and Megan Fox). But, what happens when your old and looks do not matter? What happens when all of Heidi and Megan's real parts start to age but the rest of them don't, inevitably making them look awful?

Of course there are some beautiful and smart people in the world so do not get me wrong I am not being prejudice against the pretty faces in the world! I am just angered by the fact that being intellectual is so frowned upon in todays society. I suppose it is a personal preference which I do understand (despite my annoyance in the matter). I suppose some people enjoy the simple gift of knowledge while others would just like the answer handed to them so they can reap the reward. It is sad the the priorities in our world today have shifted to the point where people just don't care about anything but the fads of the year.

The other day I was sitting in class with my fellows class mates and we were looking at a world map, this world map had animals on it so we discussed the animals and the different regions of the world. There was one girl in the group who did not know there were forests in Asia, another who couldn't find Europe and another who thought Russia was Asia. I don't care if I sound rude here but I don't understand how people can make it 20 years or more in this world without knowing about this stuff!?